четверг, 25 ноября 2010 г.


Вернулся из Питера. Там такая крутая погода! Очень и очень! Урвал кое-что от Lanvin for H&M. Просто повезло, что Питерские ничо не шарят))) Но все завтра...Это пост на лукбуке.

Came back from St Petersburg. The weather there is SO fairy. Love it! Managed to buy some things from Lanvin for H&M. Lucky me! Tomorow i'll do some posts. This is just a lookbook post.

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  1. I'm going to St. Petersburg next week! It'll be my first time in Russia! I'm so exited!

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  3. is there really no snow in russia now?! well, in poland we have too much snow actually, so i reckon that something is wrong with the weather ;D however, i just wanted to say that this picture is amazing. you reminds me raskolnikov here xD post more pictures like this one!

  4. Well, now it is snowing in Moscow. But not that much like you would expect for this time of year! Thanx for nice comments btw.

  5. Maria K
    Wish you all the best in St Pits! Be well prepared for cold weather!